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Rick and Bubba in the Morning


Rick and Bubba in the Morning

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Rick and Bubba in the Morning

Rick & Bubba grew up attending rival high schools, but became friends when they attended Jacksonville State University while working at the college radio station. The two first noticed a “chemistry” as they worked together in Spanish class (Rick earned a D and Bill a F… thanks Mrs. Suco!). They each pursued different careers in radio, and Bill ended up as a chief engineer at
in Gadsden. When management was looking for a new morning man, Bill recommended Rick for the job. Rick and Bill began to hang out and lunch together, creating ideas for Rick’s show. One day at lunch, Bill said, “wouldn’t it be funny if you read Shakespeare in a country voice and called it “Good Ole Boy Theater?” So the next morning with Bill looking in, Rick planned to do it. About 30 seconds before the break was over, Rick said “You sit down and do it!” … so Bill did! Rick said “you sound like my Uncle Bubba”. The name stuck and the bit was a huge hit! Before long, Bubba was sitting in for a few minutes a day, then the entire show and then all the time! The listeners would not have it any other way than Rick and Bubba. Rick had said he always wanted a partner, but he just couldn’t find the right person. Bubba said he was honored to work with someone as talented as Rick. Under new guidance and leadership, the team moved like a mighty army across the fruited plain! Rick and Bubba is the most recognized radio duo in Alabama and is syndicated across 18 states! They’re so popular that when AL.com asked readers who deserved to be on the “Mount Rushmore of Alabama”, Rick and Bubba received more votes than any other candidate! YellowerHammer News named the duo one of Alabama’s Most Powerful Influencers.  Get all things Rick and Bubba here!