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Dana Lundon

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I think I’ve done just about every format in radio there is, except classical. I seem to have found my home back in Country radio and it’s good to be back in it. I love the music, the fans and how the artists really care about the fans and how appreciative they are to radio. I spent 17 years in Detroit before I moved to the south 3 years ago and love it! I’ve always wanted to live here.  My husband and son love it, too. I’ve done a little bit of TV and was a Top 24 semi-finalist for a host position at QVC back in 2004. (I have been known to get shout-outs from the hosts.) I started really getting into cooking when I moved south and have been trying all kinds of new foods. I love baseball and am a lifelong Red Sox fan. I’m a super hero movie and TV show fan, anything Walking Dead and anything Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I am also the resident crazy cat lady. I have 4 kitties: Booba Kitty, Sunny, Buffy and Kiki. I am the one who will try to rescue any animal and find them a forever home. Catch me on 104.7 WZZK from 10am-3pm Monday thru Friday!