July 24, 2014
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by Davey Allen posted Jan 28 2014 10:55AM
Multiple reports of cars sliding all over the roadways, avoid traveling if it is 100% NECESSARY.  Seriously 280, 65, 31 and several other roads are icing.  Please be safe and keep it on ZZK we will keep you up to date.
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by Davey Allen posted Jan 27 2014 2:54PM
We got some awesome weather coming our way, and by awesome I mean like a polar vortex.(Just for fun the word of the day can be vortex)  If you're looking for the latest you can never go wrong with James Spann checkout what's going on here 
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by Davey Allen posted Jan 27 2014 2:17PM
Great night for Kacey Musgrave and Darius Rucker last night.  
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by Jamie posted Jan 21 2014 7:39PM
I absolutely love Eric Church and I think he's one of those artists that can capture the essence of a memory in such a descriptive way. It just takes you back to a time and place, like his song "Springsteen".... Loving this one too! The video just came out a few days ago so I thought I'd share it with y'all! Enjoy :) ~ 

Eric Church - Give Me Back My Hometown

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